Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friends and Birthday Season Continues

Trent is very happy to have gotten his Favre jersey! He celebrated 7 in March. He is our most content child and is gifted in the ability to be in his own world on his own schedule among other things...

Bethany playing with her friend
Madison who is also from China!!!
They setup their own private game corner that I interrupted briefly for
this pic.

You may be wondering why you're looking at shoes. This is an indication of one of Bethany's giftings. She loves to organize things! Constantly she asks, can I help you mommy/daddy? Pretty cute!

The wild bunch at Trent's birthday party! We went to the new movie, How to Train Your Dragon. All had fun!

As part of Trent's movie theater birthday party the kids were able to see the behind the scenes areas of the movie theater. They had this old promo of the Simpsons so we took a pic!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fully Recovered and Waiting!

Bethany's surgery went very well. She seems to be fully recovered. Thank you all for your prayers. It was actually pretty amazing that after the first evening she has been back to new normal. She made one comment earlier this week that she wanted the "skin" to be gone from her mouth. If you think about it, having a roof in her mouth is not normal for her. Even though we've explained the what the doctor did we don't think she fully grasps it all. She's very hungry all the time and since she doesn't seem to have any idea of what full is we've had to help her with that. Everyone else is doing well. Toby is increasingly a comedian. We really get into trouble with that one since he often makes us laugh when he's getting into trouble! For those that don't have kids, it's not good to laugh when you're trying to discipline your children...

Bethany's favorite food while on her liquid diet. It's a milk based puree of a hot dog and green beans! mmmmmm!!!! I call it soilent green. I've included a photo of this quality green paste for your reference!

You might be wondering about the picture of Becky wearing her superhero costume. She put it together for her MOPS speaking engagements. She is definitely SUPER!

I'm still on the hunt for work. I've had some good activity last week that hopefully moves forward soon. Until then we wait on the Lord. Keep prayin' please!

and finally, we didn't mention Matthew's baskeball season that ended on Valentine's day. His team finished third and had a great season. Matthew made his first basket during a game at the tournament. We are excited about how much he's improved.

That's our update for now. Keep in touch and send us a note on what's up with you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ni Hao, Surgery!

hello all!

A quick update. Tomorrow Dan has an interview back at Best Buy in the morning and Bethany has surgery to remove her tongue flap mid-day. We appreciate your prayers for both events.

Today we had a pre-op physical for Bethany that found her in great health and that she has actually gained a pound since her last Dr visit shortly before the last surgery. So much for our concerns about her losing weight with her mouth wired shut! She apparently thrives on a liquid diet. I guess that goes without saying since her favorite meal is what I've coined "soilent green". A nice pasty green blend of 1 hot dog and about 3/4 c. of green beans. Mmmmmm!

I'm looking forward to discussing opportunities back at Best Buy. Hopefully something pops soon as I'd hoped to be back to work by now. I continue to rest in Jeremiah 29:11 that God is in control and has a plan that will be revealed to me in His time, not mine.

Toby focusing...

Celebrating "gotcha day" at Culvers...